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  • Paid Time Off starting on Day 1

  • 401(k) plan with company match

  • Advancement opportunities

  • Competitive wages

  • Free health insurance

    • Earn an EXTRA $5,640/year if you are covered under a spouse or parents' medical insurance plan​



  • Answers phones and greets visitors.  Provides great service to all customers, callers, and visitors.

  • Develops good relationships with co-workers across all departments, easy to work with.

  • Presents a professional public image and maintains a positive attitude that reflects favorably on the company. 

  • Assists co-workers across all departments with various tasks/projects, completes work timely, accurately, and is reliable.

  • Keeps the front office and supply areas clean, organized, and appropriately stocked.

  • Receives, sorts, and distributes incoming mail. Coordinates the pick-up and delivery of express mail services (FedEx, UPS, etc.).

  • Has a basic knowledge of 7G general ledger accounts and can assist in ensuring receipts and/or accounts payable invoices are coded properly and submitted timely.



  • Responsible for generating invoices and controlling the activities of house routes.

  • Responsible for checking in all delivery and house routes each day.  Ensures all routes reconcile, cash deposits balance, investigates and resolves issues, and ensures each day is closed before leaving.

  • Completes spreadsheet that summarizes route and deposit activity on a daily basis.  Completes spreadsheet accurately, timely, and in accordance with the instructions of the Accounting Manager.

  • Runs all end-of-day processes and ensures all end-of-day activities have processed correctly.  Builds and sends EFT, supplier, and other data files.  Ensures files are sent in a timely manner.  Checks files for discrepancies and resolves issues as needed. 

  • Has excellent knowledge of route accounting system, reconciling routes, troubleshooting and adjusting errors.  Completes work with minimal needs for assistance.

  • Has excellent knowledge of cash deposit and check scanning policies and procedures and ensures all daily cash and check deposit totals are accurate.

  • Ensures security of all cash and checks collected.  Ensures all cash and checks are posted the day they are collected.

  • Assists the Accounting Manager in the collection of accounts receivables.  Works with drivers and sales reps, makes phone calls and emails customers, and keeps detailed lists of steps taken to collect receivables.

  • Follows Company policy with respect to NSF checks/EFTs, unpaid invoices/fees, and ensures compliance with Iowa’s cash law.

  • Maintains a basic knowledge of delivery units and can assist drivers with basic troubleshooting activities.




  • Makes sure all inventory receipts are proofed against supplier invoices in a timely manner.

  • Compares supplier invoices to inventory receipts.  Makes sure quantities and prices match.  Investigates differences.

  • Works with the pricing department when pricing variances occur.

  • Works with the warehouse when quantity variances occur.

  • Files claims and/or works with the warehouse to compile the information needed to file claims with suppliers.  Follows up on claims to ensure they are resolved appropriately and timely.

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