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  • Paid Time Off starting on Day 1

  • 4-day work week

  • 401(k) plan with company match

  • Advancement opportunities

  • Competitive wages

  • Free health insurance

    • Earn an EXTRA $5,640/year if you are covered under a spouse or parents' medical insurance plan​


  • Inventory integrity as measured by variance dollars (absolute and total) at or below target as established in the Annual Plan.

  • Manage inventory to reduce shrinkage (O-O-C / C-T-C) and shrinkage as established in the annual plan.

  • Manage staffing to maximize efficiency and productivity, and to keep overtime to a minimum as established in the annual plan.

  • Keep unauthorized personnel out of the warehouse.

  • Secure the inventory and warehouse at all times.

  • Ensure all Warehouse employees adhere to 7G Distributing, LLC and OSHA safety requirements.

  • Manage product rotation to ensure proper disposition of close-to-code products.

  • Actively seek to improve all operations in order to increase efficiencies and profitability.

  • Assist Operations Manager in ensuring that the facility is properly maintained as prescribed by the standards set forth by 7G Distributing, LLC and Suppliers.

  • Manage loading operations to reduce load errors. Ensure delivery loads are correct and that load errors are within the targets established by management.

  • Ensure all warehouse employees abide by all 7G Distributing, LLC policies and procedures.

  • Coordinate and assist pick and loading warehouse staff to handle daily volume to maximize productivity per 7G Distributing, LLC standards.

  • Ability to lift up to 165 lbs. regularly

  • Maintain 0 accidents for workers compensation claims or property claims per month.

  • Assess warehouse staff attendance and re-direct work as needed to fulfill delivery requirements.

  • Generate pick tickets and print orders from the computerized order generation system.

  • Inspect Checker activities to ensure pallets are built with the right products, proper rotation

  • Supervise warehouse inventory rotation ensuring the oldest product is pulled and loaded first onto delivery vehicles according to Supplier standards and that pull dates through-out the warehouse are updated as required.

  • Ensure that a code date report is prepared daily in order to monitor problem packages and volume concerns.

  • Meet with the Operations Manager weekly to review warehouse objectives

  • Assign and monitor work to maintain proper maintenance and cleanliness of the warehouse.

  • Audit usage of safety procedures and documentation concerning warehouse personnel or warehouse equipment.

  • Participate in planning personnel safety and plant protection activities.

  • Provide night warehouse personnel with safety training.

  • Monitor daily evening check-in of pallets, dunnage, and cooperage.

  • Assist the Operations Manager with the Warehouse Budget.

  • Report to the Operations Manager any concerns or deficiencies in policy or procedures that require immediate attention.

  • Contribute recommendations to the Operations Manager for any changes in procedures that would improve the productivity of warehouse operations, or would require employing new types of equipment, processes or technology.

  • Maintain certification to operate all material handling equipment.

  • Participate and be a contributing member in warehouse meetings for the purpose of communication and training

  • Document, discuss, and take corrective action if necessary with warehouse personnel regarding performance per 7G Distributing, LLC standards

  • Ensure job descriptions are followed and maintained by all direct reports.

  • Act as a positive role model and provide leadership to warehouse personnel

  • Foster a “Best-in-Market” warehouse team spirit.

  • Perform evaluations of direct reports per 7G Distributing, LLC policy.

  • Participate in the interview process to select and hire the best warehouse staff in the market.

  • Adhere to strict safe working practices, 7G Distributing, LLC policies, rules and regulations.

  • Maintain current driver’s license and insurability as required by 7G Distributing, LLC and associated agencies.

  • Complete other duties as assigned by the Operations Manager

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